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A simple, efficient and powerful micro front-end framework. 一款简约、高效、功能强大的微前端框架

最后发布版本: v1.0.0-rc.5 ( 2024-04-29 16:49:47)

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micro-app is a micro front-end framework launched by JD Retail. It renders based on webcomponent-like and realizes the micro front-end from component thinking, it aiming to reduce the difficulty of getting started and improve work efficiency.

It is the lowest cost framework for accessing micro front-end, and provides a series of perfect functions such as JS sandbox, style isolation, element isolation, preloading, resource address completion, plugin system, data communication and so on.

micro-app has no restrictions on the front-end framework, and any framework can be used as a base application to embed any type of micro application of the framework.

How to use

Base application


yarn add @micro-zoe/micro-app

2、import at the entrance

// main.js
import microApp from '@micro-zoe/micro-app'


3、Use components in page

<!-- my-page.vue -->
  <!-- 👇 name is the app name, url is the app address -->
  <micro-app name='my-app' url='http://localhost:3000/'></micro-app>

Sub application

Set cross-domain support in the headers of webpack-dev-server

devServer: {
  headers: {
    'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*',

The above micro front-end rendering is completed, and the effect is as follows:


More detailed configuration can be viewed Documentation.

🤝 Contribution

If you're interested in this project, you're welcome to mention pull request, and also welcome your "Star" ^_^



git clone

2、Install dependencies

yarn bootstrap

3、Run project

yarn start

For more commands, see DEVELOP


What are the advantages of micro-app? It is easy to use and low invasive. It only needs to change a small amount of code to access the micro front-end, and provides rich functions at the same time.
How compatible? The micro-app relies on two newer APIs, CustomElements and Proxy.

For browsers that do not support CustomElements, they can be compatible by introducing polyfills. For details, please refer to: webcomponents/polyfills

However, Proxy is not compatible for the time being, so the micro-app cannot be run on browsers that do not support Proxy.

Browser compatibility can be viewed: Can I Use

The general is as follows:

  • desktop: Except IE browser, other browsers are basically compatible.
  • mobile: ios10+、android5+
Must micro applications support cross-domain? yes!

If it is a development environment, you can set headers in webpack-dev-server to support cross-domain.

devServer: {
  headers: {
    'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*',

If it is a production environment, you can support cross-domain through Configuration nginx.

Does it support vite?

Yes, please see adapt vite for details.

Does it support ssr?

Yes, please see nextjs, nuxtjs for details.



MIT License

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