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Code at the speed of thought – Zed is a high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter.

最后发布版本: v0.134.4 ( 2024-05-10 02:05:41)

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Welcome to Zed, a high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter.


You can download Zed today for macOS (v10.15+).

Support for additional platforms is on our roadmap:

For macOS users, you can also install Zed using Homebrew:

brew install --cask zed

Alternatively, to install the Preview release:

brew install --cask zed@preview

Developing Zed


See for ways you can contribute to Zed.

Also... we're hiring! Check out our jobs page for open roles.


License information for third party dependencies must be correctly provided for CI to pass.

We use cargo-about to automatically comply with open source licenses. If CI is failing, check the following:

  • Is it showing a no license specified error for a crate you've created? If so, add publish = false under [package] in your crate's Cargo.toml.
  • Is the error failed to satisfy license requirements for a dependency? If so, first determine what license the project has and whether this system is sufficient to comply with this license's requirements. If you're unsure, ask a lawyer. Once you've verified that this system is acceptable add the license's SPDX identifier to the accepted array in script/licenses/zed-licenses.toml.
  • Is cargo-about unable to find the license for a dependency? If so, add a clarification field at the end of script/licenses/zed-licenses.toml, as specified in the cargo-about book.

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2024-05-10 02:05:41 v0.134.4

2024-05-09 06:46:27 v0.134.3

2024-05-09 06:45:36 v0.135.1-pre

2024-05-09 01:07:19 v0.135.0-pre

2024-05-09 00:50:29 v0.134.2

2024-05-03 10:08:19 v0.133.7

2024-05-02 11:26:07 v0.134.1-pre

2024-05-02 01:24:14 v0.133.5

2024-05-02 01:34:27 v0.134.0-pre

2024-04-30 11:13:29 v0.132.5


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