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license: GPL-2.0

Language: Kotlin.

Android Client for Jellyfin

最后发布版本: v2.6.0-beta.2 (2023-09-03 22:58:30)

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Jellyfin Android

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Jellyfin Mobile is an Android app that connects to Jellyfin instances and integrates with the official web client. We welcome all contributions and pull requests! If you have a larger feature in mind please open an issue so we can discuss the implementation before you start. Even though the client is only a web wrapper there are still lots of improvements and bug fixes that can be accomplished with Android and Kotlin knowledge.

Most of the translations can be found in the web client since it's the base for the Android client as well. Translations for the app can also be improved very easily from our Weblate instance. Look through the following graphic to see if your native language could use some work!

Detailed Translation Status

This client was rewritten from scratch with a fresh git history in July to August 2020, and replaces the old Cordova-based client, which can still be found in the archives.

Build Process


  • Android SDK


  1. Clone or download this repository

    git clone
    cd jellyfin-android
  2. Open the project in Android Studio and run it from there or build an APK directly through Gradle:

    ./gradlew assembleDebug

Deploy to device/emulator

./gradlew installDebug

You can also replace the "Debug" with "Release" to get an optimized release binary.

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2023-09-03 22:58:30 v2.6.0-beta.2

2023-08-26 03:31:34 v2.6.0-beta.1

2023-08-20 05:49:35 v2.5.3

2023-05-23 21:27:14 v2.5.2

2023-05-17 23:16:36 v2.5.1

2023-05-15 01:10:22 v2.5.0

2023-05-06 01:01:27 v2.5.0-beta.6

2023-04-30 22:43:15 v2.5.0-beta.5

2023-04-16 17:08:05 v2.5.0-beta.4

2023-04-10 21:05:42 v2.5.0-beta.3


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