版本发布时间: 2023-08-26 03:31:34

jellyfin/jellyfin-android最新发布版本:v2.6.0-beta.2(2023-09-03 22:58:30)

Various tweaks, fixes, and updates

This release doesn't bring any major changes, but still contains a few fixes and improvements. Please report any new issues you find.

🐛 Beta information

Beta versions are not guaranteed to work as expected. We encourage users to create detailed bug reports if any problems arise. Read our blog post for more information about our Android beta programs.

🏗️ Enhancements

🔧 Bugfixes

🔃 Refactoring

📈 Dependency updates


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4、 jellyfin-android-v2.6.0-beta.1-proprietary-debug.apk 40.55MB

5、 jellyfin-android-v2.6.0-beta.1-proprietary-release-unsigned.apk 19.45MB

6、 jellyfin-android-v2.6.0-beta.1-proprietary-release.aab 23.28MB

7、 jellyfin-android-v2.6.0-beta.1-proprietary-release.apk 19.59MB

8、 version.txt 22B