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V3.0.* 有很多bug,如果你有问题,请使用V2.4.71版本,或者等待后续版本(发现bug请提交issue)

  • Welcome to provide more ideas or code to improve this project together.

If you are a novice, please pay attention to the Official Accounts: 逍遥之芯 (the QR code is below), and reply: PyWxDump to get a picture text tutorial.

If you have any questions, please check first: FAQ Whether there is an answer, or follow the Official Accounts to reply: FAQ.

QQ GROUP:276392799 or 276392799(PASSWORD,please

the Official Accounts

I. Project Introduction

1. Brief Introduction

PyWxDump is a tool for obtaining wx account information (nicknames/accounts/phones/emails/database keys), decrypting databases, viewing wx chat, and exporting chat as html backups.

  • Super eager for stars, if you've come across this project, please give me a Star! Thank you so much~

2. Feature

2.1 Core

  • (1) Get the **base address offset ** of WeChat nickname, WeChat account, WeChat phone number, WeChat email, and WeChat KEY
  • (2) Get the WeChat nickname, WeChat account, WeChat phone number, WeChat email, WeChat KEY, WeChat original ID (wxid_******), and WeChat folder path of the currently logged-in WeChat
  • (3) Decrypt WeChat database based on key
  • (4) Combine multiple types of databases for unified viewing

2.2 Extend Function

  • (1) View chat history through the web
  • (2) Support exporting chat logs as html, csv, and backing up WeChat chat logs
  • (3) Remote viewing of WeChat chat history (must be network accessible, such as a local area network)

2.3 Document Class

  • (1) Provide descriptions of some fields in the database
  • (2) Provide CE to obtain the base address offset method
  • (3) Provide a decryption method for MAC database

2.4 Other functions

  • (1) Added a minimalist version of pywxdumpmini, which provides only the ability to obtain database keys and database locations
  • (2) Support multiple WeChat opening scenarios, obtain multiple user information, etc.

Utilize the scene

  1. Network security...
  2. Daily backup archiving
  3. View chat history remotely (view chat history through the web)
  4. Wait...............

3. Update plan

  • 1.Analyze chat logs of each person and generate word clouds.
  • 2.Analyze the number of chats per person per day and generate a line chart (day-number of chats)
  • 3.Analyze the monthly and annual chat volume of different people and generate a line chart
  • 4.Generate annual visualization reports
  • 8.Increase support for enterprise WeChat
  • 12.Viewing and backing up of the circle of friends
  • 13.Clean up WeChat storage space and reduce the space occupied by WeChat (hopefully by selecting a person or group and finding out the media files involved in the chat logs of this group, such as pictures, videos, files, voice recordings, etc., and selectively (such as time periods) or batch-wise clearing them from the computer's cache by group conversation.)
  • 14.Automatically send messages to specified people through UI control

4. Other

PyWxDump is a refactored python language version of SharpWxDump, with many new features added.

  • Project address:
  • Currently tested only under Windows, there may be issues under mac and Linux.
  • If you find any missing or incorrect information, bugs, or suggestions for improvement in the version_list.json, please submit an issue on GitHub.
  • For common issues, please refer to FAQ, and for the update log, please refer to CHANGELOG
  • Web UI repository location wxdump_web
  • If you are interested in the implementation principle of wxdump, please pay attention to the Official Accounts: 逍遥之芯, reply: 原理 to get the principle analysis.
  • :sparkling_heart: Support Me

5. Star History

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Ⅱ. Instructions For Use

  • Detailed instructions, see:

  • the minimalist version, see: pywxdumpmini

  • If you want to modify the UI, clone the wx_dump_web and modify it as needed (the UI is developed using VUE+ElementUI)


  • For obtaining the base address using cheat engine, refer to CE obtaining base (This method can be replaced by the wxdump bias command, and is only used for learning principles.)
  • For database parsing, refer to wx database

Ⅲ. Disclaimer (VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT ! ! ! ! ! !)

1. Purpose of use

  • This project is only for learning and communication purposes, please do not use it for illegal purposes, please do not use it for illegal purposes, **please do not use it for illegal purposes **, otherwise the consequences will be borne by yourself.
  • Users understand and agree that any violation of laws and regulations, infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of others, is unrelated to this project and its developers, and the consequences are borne by the user themselves.

2. Usage Period

  • You should delete the source code and (compiled) program of this project within 24 hours of downloading, saving, compiling, and using it; any use beyond this period is not related to this project or its developer.

3. Operation specifications

  • This project only allows backup and viewing of the database under authorization. It is strictly prohibited for illegal purposes, otherwise all related responsibilities will be borne by the user. Any legal liability incurred by the user due to violation of this regulation will be borne by the user, and is unrelated to this project and its developer.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use it to steal others' privacy. Otherwise, all relevant responsibilities shall be borne by yourself.
  • It is strictly prohibited to conduct secondary development, otherwise all related responsibilities shall be borne by yourself.

4. Acceptance of Disclaimer

  • Downloading, saving, further browsing the source code, or downloading, installing, compiling, and using this program indicates that you agree with this warning and promise to abide by it;

5. Forbidden for illegal testing or penetration

  • It is prohibited to use the relevant technologies of this project to engage in illegal testing or penetration, and it is prohibited to use the relevant codes or related technologies of this project to engage in any illegal work. Any adverse consequences arising therefrom are not related to this project and its developers.
  • Any resulting adverse consequences, including but not limited to data leakage, system failure, and privacy infringement, are not related to this project or its developers and are the responsibility of the user.

6. Modification of disclaimer

  • This disclaimer may be modified and adjusted based on the project's operating conditions and changes in laws and regulations. Users should regularly check this page for the latest version of the disclaimer, and should comply with the latest version of the disclaimer when using this project.

7. Others

  • In addition to the provisions of this disclaimer, users should comply with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical norms during the use of this project. The project and its developers will not be held responsible for any disputes or losses caused by users' violation of relevant regulations.

  • Users are requested to carefully read and understand all contents of this disclaimer, and ensure that they strictly comply with relevant regulations when using this project.

Ⅳ. 免责声明(非常重要!!!!!!!)

1. 使用目的

  • 本项目仅供学习交流使用,请勿用于非法用途请勿用于非法用途请勿用于非法用途,否则后果自负。
  • 用户理解并同意,任何违反法律法规、侵犯他人合法权益的行为,均与本项目及其开发者无关,后果由用户自行承担。

2. 使用期限

  • 您应该在下载保存,编译使用本项目的24小时内,删除本项目的源代码和(编译出的)程序;超出此期限的任何使用行为,一概与本项目及其开发者无关。

3. 操作规范

  • 本项目仅允许在授权情况下对数据库进行备份与查看,严禁用于非法目的,否则自行承担所有相关责任;用户如因违反此规定而引发的任何法律责任,将由用户自行承担,与本项目及其开发者无关。
  • 严禁用于窃取他人隐私,严禁用于窃取他人隐私,严禁用于窃取他人隐私,否则自行承担所有相关责任。
  • 严禁进行二次开发,严禁进行二次开发,严禁进行二次开发,否则自行承担所有相关责任。

4. 免责声明接受

  • 下载、保存、进一步浏览源代码或者下载安装、编译使用本程序,表示你同意本警告,并承诺遵守它;

5. 禁止用于非法测试或渗透

  • 禁止利用本项目的相关技术从事非法测试或渗透,禁止利用本项目的相关代码或相关技术从事任何非法工作,如因此产生的一切不良后果与本项目及其开发者无关。
  • 任何因此产生的不良后果,包括但不限于数据泄露、系统瘫痪、侵犯隐私等,均与本项目及其开发者无关,责任由用户自行承担。

6. 免责声明修改

  • 本免责声明可能根据项目运行情况和法律法规的变化进行修改和调整。用户应定期查阅本页面以获取最新版本的免责声明,使用本项目时应遵守最新版本的免责声明。

7. 其他

  • 除本免责声明规定外,用户在使用本项目过程中应遵守相关的法律法规和道德规范。对于因用户违反相关规定而引发的任何纠纷或损失,本项目及其开发者不承担任何责任。

  • 请用户慎重阅读并理解本免责声明的所有内容,确保在使用本项目时严格遵守相关规定。

Ⅴ. Acknowledgments


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