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The OpenTF Manifesto expresses concern over HashiCorp's switch of the Terraform license from open-source to the Business Source License (BSL) and calls for the tool's return to a truly open-source license.

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OpenTF Manifesto

OpenTF's goal is to ensure Terraform remains truly open source and proposes returning it to a fully open license. We urge HashiCorp to reconsider and switch Terraform back to an open source license, avoiding fragmentation of the community.

For further details and the full text of the manifesto, you can visit the OpenTF website.

The OpenTF fork

The OpenTF repo is now publicly available at For more context on the current status of the fork, the roadmap, and the path to a stable release, see


If you have questions or feedback to share, you can reach the team behind this manifesto by emailing us at

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