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license: Apache-2.0

Language: Python .

aider is AI pair programming in your terminal

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Aider is AI pair programming in your terminal

Aider lets you pair program with LLMs, to edit code in your local git repository. Start a new project or work with an existing git repo. Aider works best with GPT-4o and Claude 3 Opus and can connect to almost any LLM.

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Getting started

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See the installation instructions and other documentation for more details.


  • Chat with aider about your code: aider <file1> <file2> ...
  • Ask for changes:
    • New features, test cases, improvements.
    • Bug fixes, updated docs or code refactors.
    • Paste in a GitHub issue that needs to be solved.
  • Aider will edit your files to complete your request.
  • Aider automatically git commits changes with a sensible commit message.
  • Aider works with most popular languages: python, javascript, typescript, php, html, css, and more...
  • Aider works best with GPT-4o and Claude 3 Opus and can connect to almost any LLM.
  • Aider can make coordinated changes across multiple files at once.
  • Aider uses a map of your entire git repo, which helps it work well in larger codebases.
  • You can also edit files in your editor while chatting with aider. Aider will notice and always use the latest version. So you can bounce back and forth between aider and your editor, to collaboratively code with AI.
  • Images can be added to the chat (GPT-4o, GPT-4 Turbo, etc).
  • URLs can be added to the chat and aider will read their content.
  • Code with your voice using speech recognition.

State of the art

Aider has the top score on SWE Bench. SWE Bench is a challenging software engineering benchmark where aider solved real GitHub issues from popular open source projects like django, scikitlearn, matplotlib, etc.

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Kind words from users

  • The best free open source AI coding assistant. -- IndyDevDan
  • The best AI coding assistant so far. -- Matthew Berman
  • Aider ... has easily quadrupled my coding productivity. -- SOLAR_FIELDS
  • It's a cool workflow... Aider's ergonomics are perfect for me. -- qup
  • It's really like having your senior developer live right in your Git repo - truly amazing! -- rappster
  • What an amazing tool. It's incredible. -- valyagolev
  • Aider is such an astounding thing! -- cgrothaus
  • It was WAY faster than I would be getting off the ground and making the first few working versions. -- Daniel Feldman
  • THANK YOU for Aider! It really feels like a glimpse into the future of coding. -- derwiki
  • It's just amazing. It is freeing me to do things I felt were out my comfort zone before. -- Dougie
  • This project is stellar. -- funkytaco
  • Amazing project, definitely the best AI coding assistant I've used. -- joshuavial
  • I absolutely love using Aider ... It makes software development feel so much lighter as an experience. -- principalideal0
  • I have been recovering from multiple shoulder surgeries ... and have used aider extensively. It has allowed me to continue productivity. -- codeninja
  • I am an aider addict. I'm getting so much more work done, but in less time. -- dandandan
  • After wasting $100 on tokens trying to find something better, I'm back to Aider. It blows everything else out of the water hands down, there's no competition whatsoever. -- SystemSculpt
  • Hands down, this is the best AI coding assistant tool so far. -- IndyDevDan
  • Best agent for actual dev work in existing codebases. -- Nick Dobos

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