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A list of StableDiffusion styles and some notes for offline use. Pure HTML, CSS and a bit of JS.

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Stable Diffusion Cheat-Sheet

This began as a personal collection of styles and notes. I was curious to see how the artists used in the prompts looked without the other keywords.

Download the zip file and use it as your own personal cheat-sheet - completely offline.

Artist Inspired Styles

  • Over 833 manually tested styles
  • Copy the style prompt with one click
  • Search and filter
  • One click to look up the artist via search engine

Image Metadata and Notes

  • Check image metadata without the need to start Stable Diffusion and completely offline, just drag and drop
  • Some extra notes to help with art styles
  • Calculate image dimensions easily

Just the Data

All the information, but without preview images, is also listed in 'only-data.html'.

There, you'll find everything that's in the JSON data. Date of birth (and death, if deceased), categories, notes, and a list of artists that were checked but are unknown to Stable Diffusion.


From JS file or borrowed code to font and icons, thank you to:

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