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A fast and powerful image/video browser for Stable Diffusion webui / ComfyUI / Fooocus, featuring infinite scrolling and advanced search capabilities using image parameters. It also supports standalone operation.

最后发布版本: v0.11.0 ( 2024-04-13 05:03:10)



🌍 i18n Advisory: Some translations may be incomplete or inaccurate. Pull requests are welcome for improvements!


Change log

Stable Diffusion webui Infinite Image Browsing

It's not just an image browser, but also a powerful image manager. Precise image search combined with multi-selection operations allows for filtering/archiving/packaging, greatly increasing efficiency. It also supports running in standalone mode, without the need for SD-Webui.

Software Support and Development Progress Overview

Software Support Development Progress
Stable Diffusion web UI Supported --
ComfyUI Partially supported --
Fooocus Supported --
NovelAI Not supported Planned
StableSwarmUI Not supported Planned

Key Features

🔥 Excellent Performance

  • Once caching is generated, images can be displayed in just a few milliseconds.
  • Images are displayed with thumbnails by default, with a default size of 512 pixels. You can adjust the thumbnail resolution on the global settings page.
  • You can also control the width of the grid images, allowing them to be displayed in widths ranging from 64px to 1024px.

🔍 Image Search & Favorite

  • The prompt, model, Lora, and other information will be converted into tags and sorted by frequency of use for precise searching.
  • Supports tag autocomplete, auto-translation, and customization.
  • Image favorite can be achieved by toggling custom tags for images in the right-click menu.
  • Support for advanced search similar to Google
  • Also supports fuzzy search, you can search by a part of the filename or generated information.
  • Support adding custom search paths for easy management of folders created by the user.

🖼️ View Images/Videos & Send To

  • Supports viewing image generation information. Also supported in full-screen preview mode.
  • Supports sending images to other tabs and third-party extensions such as ControlNet , openOutpaint.
  • Support full-screen preview and enable custom shortcut key operations while in full-screen preview mode.
  • Support navigating to the previous or next image in full-screen preview mode by pressing arrow keys or clicking buttons.
  • Support playing video files from a remote server.

💻 Multiple Usage Methods

  • You can install it as an extension on SD-webui.
  • You can run it independently using Python.
  • The desktop app version is also available.

🚶‍♀️ Walk Mode

  • Automatically load the next folder (similar to os.walk), allowing you to browse all images without paging.
  • Tested to work properly with over 27,000 files.

🌳 Preview based on File Tree Structure & File operations

  • Supports file tree-based preview.
  • Supports automatic refreshing.
  • Supports basic file operations, such as multiple selection for deleting/moving/copying, and creating new folders.
  • Hold down the Ctrl, Shift, or Cmd key to select multiple items.

🆚 image comparison (similar to Imgsli)

  • Provides a side-by-side comparison of two images.

🌐 Multilingual Support

  • Currently supports Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/German.
  • If you would like to add a new language, please refer to i18n.ts and submit the relevant code.

🔐 Privacy and Security

  • Supports custom secret key for authentication.
  • Supports configuring access control for the file system, which will be enabled by default when the service allows public access.
  • Supports customizing the allowed paths for access control.
  • Supports controlling access permissions. You can run IIB in read-only mode.
  • Click here to see details

📦 Packaging/Batch Download

  • Allows you to download multiple images at once.
  • The data source can be search results, a regular image grid view page, walk mode, etc. Images can be added to the processing list through drag-and-drop or "Send To".

⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Allows for deleting and adding/removing tags, with customizable trigger buttons in the global settings page.

If you like this project and find it helpful, please consider giving it a ⭐️. This would be very important for me to continue developing and maintaining this project. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to raise them in the issue section, and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you again for your support!

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Installation / Running

As an extension for SD-webui:

  1. Open the Extensions tab in SD-webui.
  2. Select the Install from URL option.
  3. Enter
  4. Click on the Install button.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete and click on Apply and restart UI.

As a standalone program that runs using Python. (without SD-webui):

Refer to Can the extension function without the web UI?

If you need to view images generated by ComfyUI/Fooocus, please refer to

If you need a Dockerfile, you can refer to this link.

As a desktop application (without SD-webui and Python):

The executable version also supports ComfyUI/Fooocus.

Download and install the program from the releases section on the right-hand side of the repository page. If the antivirus detects a virus, it can be ignored as a false positive.

If you need to compile it yourself, please refer to

As a Library Usage:

Use iframe to access IIB and use it as a file browser for your application. Refer to



Image Search

During the first use, you need to click and wait for the index generation. For my case with 20,000 images, it took about 15 seconds (with an AMD 5600X CPU and PCIe SSD). For subsequent uses, it will check whether there are changes in the folder, and if so, it needs to regenerate the index. Usually, this process is very fast.

Image search supports translation, see for more detail. Feel free to share files for other languages to facilitate everyone's use. image image

Full Screen Preview


In full-screen preview mode, you can also view image information and perform operations on the context menu. It supports dragging, resizing and expanding/collapsing .

If you, like me, don't need to view the generation information, you can choose to simply minimize this panel, and all contextual operations will still be available.


Image comparison

ezgif com-video-to-gif

Transfer files between different tab panes.

Right-click menu


You can also trigger it by hovering your mouse over the icon in the top right corner.


Walk mode

Dark mode


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