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基于 ChatGPT API 的划词翻译浏览器插件和跨平台桌面端应用 - Browser extension and cross-platform desktop application for translation based on ChatGPT API.

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NebulaGraph Data Intelligence Suite(ngdi)

English | 中文

The translator that does more than just translation - powered by OpenAI.

MIT License TypeScript Rust Chrome Firefox macOS Windows Linux

Why Yet another Translator

I have developed a Bob plugin that utilizes ChatGPT API to provide global word translation on macOS. However, since not all users have access to macOS to benefit from the plugin, I have created this project!

More than just a browser extension

What began as a Chrome extension has now evolved into a multi-platform desktop app that I am currently developing.

More than just translation

What began as a translation tool has now evolved to include surprisingly effective word polishing and summarization capabilities, accidentally.

How to use


  1. It offers three modes: translation, polishing and summarization.
  2. Our tool allows for mutual translation, polishing and summarization across 55 different languages.
  3. Streaming mode is supported!
  4. It allows users to customize their translation text.
  5. One-click copying
  6. Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  7. Available on all platforms (Windows, macOS, and Linux) for both browsers and Desktop
  8. Support screenshot translation
  9. Support for vocabulary books, as well as support for generating memory aids based on the words in the vocabulary books
  10. Supports both OpenAI and Azure OpenAI Service at the same time




Install Manually

  1. Download the installation package ending in .exe from the Latest Release page.
  2. Double click the downloaded file to install it.
  3. If prompted as unsafe, you can click on More Info -> Run Anyway to proceed with the installation.
  4. Ready to use!


Install Manually

  1. Go to the Latest Release page and download the corresponding chip's .dmg installation package. Note: Use aarch64 version for Apple Silicon machines and run xattr command below.
  2. Double click the downloaded file to install it.
  3. Ready to use!


  • "OpenAI Translator" can’t be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

    • Click the Cancel button, then go to the Settings -> Privacy and Security page, click the Still Open button, and then click the Open button in the pop-up window. After that, there will be no more pop-up warnings when opening OpenAI Translator. 🎉

    • If you cannot find the above options in Privacy & Security, or get error prompts such as broken files with Apple Silicon machines. Open and enter the following command (you may need to enter a password halfway through), then restart OpenAI Translator:

      sudo xattr -d /Applications/OpenAI\
  • If you encounter a permission prompt every time you open it, or if you cannot perform a shortcut translation, please go to Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Supporting Features to remove OpenAI Translator, and then re-add OpenAI Translator.

Installing Desktop Clip Extensions

For details, see Desktop Clip Extension

Browser Extension

  1. Visit your Browser Extension Store to install this plugin:

  2. Click on the OpenAI Translator icon in the browser plugin list, and enter the obtained API KEY into the configuration interface that pops up from this plugin.

  3. Refresh the page in the browser to enjoy the smooth translation experience 🎉!

Configure Azure OpenAI Service

const API_URL = `https://${resourceName}`
const API_URL_PATH = `/openai/deployments/${deployName}/chat/completions?api-version=${apiVersion}`
  • resourceName: Your Azure OpenAI Service resource name.
  • deployName: Your Azure OpenAI Service model deploy name, you can change your model here.
  • api-version: 2023-05-15, or newer. (supported api-version can be found at Azure's official doc)



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