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license: Apache-2.0 , Language: Rust.

🔮 ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)

最后发布版本: v0.10.3 (2023-02-03 13:35:03)

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ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)

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📦 Install


  • ChatGPT_0.10.3_x64_en-US.msi: Direct download installer

  • Use winget:

    # install the latest version
    winget install --id=lencx.ChatGPT -e
    # install the specified version
    winget install --id=lencx.ChatGPT -e --version 0.10.0

Note: If the installation path and application name are the same, it will lead to conflict (#142)


  • ChatGPT_0.10.3_x64.dmg: Direct download installer
  • Download the .app installer
  • Homebrew
    Or you can install with Homebrew (Cask):
    brew tap lencx/chatgpt
    brew install --cask chatgpt --no-quarantine
    Also, if you keep a Brewfile, you can add something like this:
    repo = "lencx/chatgpt"
    tap repo, "{repo}.git"
    cask "chatgpt", args: { "no-quarantine": true }


  • chat-gpt_0.10.3_amd64.deb: Download .deb installer, advantage small size, disadvantage poor compatibility
  • chat-gpt_0.10.3_amd64.AppImage: Works reliably, you can try it if .deb fails to run
  • Available on AUR with the package name chatgpt-desktop-bin, and you can use your favourite AUR package manager to install it.

📢 Announcement

ChatGPT Prompts!

This is a major and exciting update. It works like a Telegram bot command and helps you quickly populate custom models to make chatgpt work the way you want it to. This project has taken a lot of my spare time, so if it helps you, please help spread the word or star it would be a great encouragement to me. I hope I can keep updating it and adding more interesting features.

How does it work?

You can look at awesome-chatgpt-prompts to find interesting features to import into the app. You can also use Sync Prompts to sync all in one click, and if you don't want certain prompts to appear in your slash commands, you can disable them.

chatgpt cmd chatgpt sync prompts

  • In the chatgpt text input area, type a character starting with / to bring up the command prompt, press the spacebar, and it will fill the input area with the text associated with the command by default (note: if it contains multiple command prompts, it will only select the first one as the fill, you can keep typing until the first prompted command is the one you want, then press the spacebar.
  • Or use the mouse to click on one of the multiple commands). When the fill is complete, you simply press the Enter key.
  • Under the slash command, use the tab key to modify the contents of the {q} tag (only single changes are supported #54). Use the keyboard (arrow up) and (arrow down) keys to select the slash command.

chatgpt chatgpt-cmd

✨ Features

  • Multi-platform: macOS Linux Windows
  • Export ChatGPT history (PNG, PDF and Markdown)
  • The main window and system tray support custom URLs to wrap any website into a desktop application
  • Automatic application upgrade notification
  • Common shortcut keys
  • System tray hover window
  • Powerful menu items
  • Support for slash commands and their configuration (can be configured manually or synchronized from a file #55)
  • Customize global shortcuts (#108)
  • Pop-up Search (#122 mouse selected content, no more than 400 characters): The application is built using Tauri, and due to its security restrictions, some of the action buttons will not work, so we recommend going to your browser.

#️⃣ MenuItem

  • Preferences
    • Theme - Light, Dark, System (Only macOS and Windows are supported).
    • Stay On Top: The window is stay on top of other windows.
    • Titlebar: Whether to display the titlebar, supported by macOS only.
    • Hide Dock Icon (#35): Hide application icons from the Dock(support macOS only).
      • Right-click on the SystemTray to open the menu, then click Show Dock Icon in the menu item to re-display the application icon in the Dock (SystemTrayMenu -> Show Dock Icon).
    • Inject Script: Using scripts to modify pages.
    • Control Center: The control center of ChatGPT application, it will give unlimited imagination to the application.
      • Theme, Stay On Top, Titlebar, ...
      • User Agent (#17): Custom user agent, which may be required in some scenarios. The default value is the empty string.
      • Switch Origin (#14): Switch the site source address, the default is, please make sure the mirror site UI is the same as the original address. Otherwise, some functions may not be available.
    • Go to Config: Open the configuration file directory (path: ~/.chatgpt/*).
    • Clear Config: Clear the configuration file (path: ~/.chatgpt/*), dangerous operation, please backup the data in advance.
    • Restart ChatGPT: Restart the application, for example: the program is stuck or the injection script can take effect by restarting the application after editing.
    • Awesome ChatGPT: Recommended Related Resources.
  • Edit - Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, SelectAll, ...
  • View - Go Back, Go Forward, Scroll to Top of Screen, Scroll to Bottom of Screen, Refresh the Screen, ...
  • Help
    • Update Log: ChatGPT changelog.
    • Report Bug: Report a bug or give feedback.
    • Toggle Developer Tools: Developer debugging tools.

⚙️ Application Configuration

Platform Path
Linux /home/lencx/.chatgpt
macOS /Users/lencx/.chatgpt
Windows C:\Users\lencx\.chatgpt
  • [.chatgpt] - application configuration root folder
    • chat.conf.json - preferences configuration
    • chat.awesome.json - Custom URL lists, similar to browser bookmarks. Any URL can be used as the main window or tray window (Control Conter -> Awesome)
    • chat.model.json - prompts configuration,contains three parts:
      • user_custom - Requires manual data entry (Control Conter -> Language Model -> User Custom)
      • sync_prompts - Synchronizing data from f/awesome-chatgpt-prompts (Control Conter -> Language Model -> Sync Prompts)
      • sync_custom - Synchronize custom json and csv file data, support local and remote (Control Conter -> Language Model -> Sync Custom)
    • chat.model.cmd.json - filtered (whether to enable) and sorted slash commands
    • [cache_model] - caching model data
      • chatgpt_prompts.json - Cache sync_prompts data
      • user_custom.json - Cache user_custom data
      • ae6cf32a6f8541b499d6bfe549dbfca3.json - Randomly generated file names, cache sync_custom data
      • 4f695d3cfbf8491e9b1f3fab6d85715c.json - Randomly generated file names, cache sync_custom data
      • bd1b96f15a1644f7bd647cc53073ff8f.json - Randomly generated file names, cache sync_custom data

Sync Custom

Currently, only json and csv are supported for synchronizing custom files, and the following formats need to be met, otherwise the application will be abnormal:

JSON format:

    "cmd": "a",
    "act": "aa",
    "prompt": "aaa aaa aaa"
    "cmd": "b",
    "act": "bb",
    "prompt": "bbb bbb bbb"

CSV format

"a","aa","aaa aaa aaa"
"b","bb","bbb bbb bbb"


  • Control Center enhancement
  • Pop-up Search enhancement
  • ...

👀 Preview

install popup search control center export dalle2 tray auto update


Can't open ChatGPT

If you cannot open the application after the upgrade, please try to clear the configuration file, which is in the ~/.chatgpt/* directory.

Out of sync login status between multiple windows

If you have already logged in in the main window, but the system tray window shows that you are not logged in, you can fix it by restarting the application (Menu -> Preferences -> Restart ChatGPT).

Is it safe?

It's safe, just a wrapper for OpenAI ChatGPT website, no other data transfer exists (you can check the source code).

Developer cannot be verified?

How do I build it?



# step1:
git clone

# step2:
cd ChatGPT

# step3: install deps

# step4:
yarn dev

# step5:
# bundle path: src-tauri/target/release/bundle
yarn build

❤️ Thanks

  • The core implementation of the share button code was copied from the @liady extension with some modifications.
  • Thanks to the Awesome ChatGPT Prompts repository for inspiring the custom command function for this application.

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