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license: Apache-2.0

Language: Rust .

Apache OpenDAL: access data freely.

最后发布版本: v0.45.1 ( 2024-03-02 21:38:07)

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Apache OpenDAL™: Access Data Freely

OpenDAL offers a unified data access layer, empowering users to seamlessly and efficiently retrieve data from diverse storage services. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution for any languages, methods, integrations, and services.

OpenDAL Architectural

For ANY languages

Name Release
Rust Core
C Binding -
Cpp Binding -
Dotnet Binding -
Go Binding -
Haskell Binding -
Java Binding
Lua Binding -
Node.js Binding
Ocaml Binding -
PHP Binding -
Python Binding
Ruby Binding -
Swift Binding -
Zig Binding -

For ANY methods

Name Description Release
oay Access data via API Gateway
oli Access data via Command Line (alternative to s3cmd, s3cli, azcopy)
ofs Access data via POSIX file system API (alternative to s3fs)

For ANY integrations

Name Description Release
dav-server-opendalfs Access data via integrations to dav-server-rs
object_store_opendal Access data via integrations to object_store

For ANY services

Type Services
Standard Storage Protocols ftp, http, sftp, webdav, ..
Object Storage Services azblob, cos, gcs, obs, oss, s3, supabase, b2, openstack swift, upyun, vercel_blob, ..
File Storage Services fs, alluxio, azdls, azfile, chainsafe, dbfs, gridfs, hdfs, ipfs, webhdfs, ..
Consumer Cloud Storage Service gdrive, onedrive, dropbox, icloud, koofr, pcloud, seafile, yandex_disk, ..
Key-Value Storage Services cacache, cloudflare_kv, dashmap, memory, etcd, foundationdb, persy, redis, rocksdb, sled, redb, tikv, atomicserver, ..
Database Storage Services d1, libsql, mongodb, mysql, postgresql, sqlite, ..
Cache Storage Services ghac, memcached, mini_moka, moka, vercel_artifacts, ..
Git Based Storage Services huggingface, ..

Welcome to add any services that are not currently supported here.


The examples are available at here.


The documentation is available at


OpenDAL is an active open-source project. We are always open to people who want to use it or contribute to it. Here are some ways to go.

Who is using OpenDAL?

Rust Core

  • apache/iceberg-rust: Native Rust implementation of Apache Iceberg, the open table format for analytic datasets.
  • Databend: A modern Elasticity and Performance cloud data warehouse.
  • deepeth/mars: The powerful analysis platform to explore and visualize data from blockchain.
  • GreptimeDB: An open-source, cloud-native, distributed time-series database.
  • mozilla/sccache: sccache is ccache with cloud storage
  • OctoBase: the open-source database behind AFFiNE, local-first, yet collaborative.
  • Pants: A fast, scalable, user-friendly build system for codebases of all sizes.
  • QuestDB: An open-source time-series database for high throughput ingestion and fast SQL queries with operational simplicity.
  • RisingWave: A Distributed SQL Database for Stream Processing
  • Vector: A high-performance observability data pipeline.

C Binding

  • Milvus: A cloud-native vector database, storage for next generation AI applications

Java Binding

  • QuestDB: An open-source time-series database for high throughput ingestion and fast SQL queries with operational simplicity.


The first and most prominent mentions must use the full form: Apache OpenDAL™ of the name for any individual usage (webpage, handout, slides, etc.) Depending on the context and writing style, you should use the full form of the name sufficiently often to ensure that readers clearly understand the association of both the OpenDAL project and the OpenDAL software product to the ASF as the parent organization.

For more details, see the Apache Product Name Usage Guide.

License and Trademarks

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:

Apache OpenDAL, OpenDAL, and Apache are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.

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