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Chromium fork for Windows named after radioactive element No. 90; Windows builds of

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Thorium for Windows

Repo to serve Windows builds of Thorium!
IMPORTANT: These builds require AVX! SSE3 builds for older processors will either be here with "SSE3" in the name, or in the Thorium-SSE3 repo, where I put the Linux SSE3 releases.
NEW: AVX2 Builds are now being served at  

This repo only hosts Windows builds. The other Thorium repos :

Main repo that hosts the source code for all platforms and serves linux builds >

Windows AVX2 repo that serves AVX2 Windows builds >

MacOS builds for x64 and M1 ARM64 are here > \

Android builds for ARM32 and ARM64 are here > \

Raspberry Pi (ARM64) builds are here > \

Builds for Windows 7/8/8.1 are here > \

Windows on ARM (arm64) builds are here > \

Special repo which serves builds for SSE3, SSE4, and 32 bit builds are here > \

Another related project I'm trying to share is ThoriumOS : ChromiumOS builds with Thorium, Widevine, Google Sync, Google Drive, Kernel 5.15, firmware, and extra packages >

Chromium fork for Windows named after radioactive element No. 90; Windows builds of

  • Always built with the latest stable version of Chromium.
  • Intended to behave like and have the featureset of Google Chrome, with differences/patches/enhancements listed Here.
  • I release Thorium as an .exe installer and a portable .zip. Portable instructions are in the Readme in the zip file.


For building yourself, follow instructions at (if building natively on Windows), OR (if cross building for Windows on Linux).

Thanks for using Thorium!

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