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Huly — All-in-One Project Management Platform (alternative to Linear, Jira, Slack, Notion, Motion)

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Huly Platform

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The Huly Platform is a robust framework designed to accelerate the development of business applications, such as CRM systems. This repository includes several applications, such as Chat, Project Management, CRM, HRM, and ATS. Various teams are building products on top of the Platform, including Huly and TraceX.





If you're primarily interested in self-hosting Huly without the intention to modify or contribute to its development, please use huly-selfhost. This project offers a convenient method to host Huly using docker, designed for ease of use and quick setup. Explore this option to effortlessly enjoy Huly on your own server.

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To verify the installation, perform the following checks in your terminal:

  • Ensure that the docker commands are available:
    docker --version
    docker compose version

Fast start

sh ./scripts/


You need Microsoft's rush to install application.

  1. Install Rush globally using the command:
    npm install -g @microsoft/rush
  2. Navigate to the repository root and run the following commands:
    rush install
    rush build

Alternatively, you can just execute:

sh ./scripts/

Build and run

Development environment setup requires Docker to be installed on system.

Support is available for both amd64 and arm64 containers on Linux and macOS.

cd ./dev/
rush build    # Will build all the required packages. 
# rush rebuild  # could be used to omit build cache.
rush bundle   # Will prepare bundles.
rush package  # Will build all webpack packages.
rush validate # Will validate all sources with typescript and generate d.ts files required for ts-node execution.
rush svelte-check # Optional. svelte files validation using svelte-check.
rush docker:build   # Will build Docker containers for all applications in the local Docker environment.
rush docker:up # Will set up all the containers

Be aware rush docker:build will automatically execute all required phases like build, bundle, package.

Alternatively, you can just execute:

sh ./scripts/

By default, Docker volumes named dev_db, dev_elastic, and dev_files will be created for the MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and MinIO instances.

Before you can begin, you need to create a workspace and an account and associate it with the workspace.

cd ./tool # dev/tool in the repository root
rushx run-local create-workspace ws1 -w DevWorkspace # Create workspace
rushx run-local create-account user1 -p 1234 -f John -l Appleseed # Create account
rushx run-local configure ws1 --list --enable '*' # Enable all modules, even if they are not yet intended to be used by a wide audience.
rushx run-local assign-workspace user1 ws1 # Assign workspace to user.
rushx run-local confirm-email user1 # To allow the creation of additional test workspaces.

Alternatively, you can just execute:

sh ./scripts/

Accessing the URL http://localhost:8087 will lead you to the app in production mode.


  • Local installation does not support sending emails, thus disabling functionalities such as password recovery and email notifications.
  • Integrations with Telegram, Gmail, and other content sources are exclusively available as Docker containers, sourced from private repositories. However, these integrations are fully functional and can be utilized with the platform.

Run in development mode

Development mode allows for live reloading and a smoother development process.

cd dev/prod
rushx dev-server

Then go to http://localhost:8080

Use the following login credentials:

Email: user1
Password: 1234
Workspace: ws1

Update project structure and database

If the project's structure is updated, it may be necessary to relink and rebuild the projects.

rush update
rush build

It may also be necessary to upgrade the running database.

cd ./dev/tool
rushx upgrade -f


If a build fails, but the code is correct, try to delete the build cache and retry.

# from the project root
rm -rf common/temp/build-cache

Build & Watch

For development purpose rush build:watch action could be used.

It includes build and validate phases in watch mode.


Unit tests

rush test # To execute all tests

rushx test # For individual test execution inside a package directory

UI tests

cd ./tests
rush build
rush bundle
rush docker:build
## creates test Docker containers and sets up test database
## runs UI tests
rushx uitest

To execute tests in the development environment, please follow these steps:

cd ./tests
./ ## use ./ if you only want to restore the workspace to a predefined initial state for sanity.
cd ./sanity
rushx dev-uitest # To execute all tests against the development environment.
rushx dev-debug -g 'pattern' # To execute tests in debug mode with only the matching test pattern.

Package publishing

node ./common/scripts/bump.js -p projectName

Additional testing

This project is tested with BrowserStack.

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