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Open-source platform for IT, security, and infrastructure teams. (Linux, macOS, Chrome, Windows, cloud, data center)

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Open-source platform for IT and security teams with thousands of computers. Designed for APIs, GitOps, webhooks, YAML, and humans.

A glass city in the clouds

What's it for?

Organizations like Fastly and Gusto use Fleet for vulnerability reporting, detection engineering, device management (MDM), device health monitoring, posture-based access control, managing unused software licenses, and more.

Explore data

To see what kind of data you can use Fleet to gather, check out the table reference documentation.

Out-of-the-box policies

Fleet includes out-of-the box support for all CIS benchmarks for macOS and Windows, as well as many simpler queries.

Take as much or as little as you need for your organization.

Supported platforms

Here are the platforms Fleet currently supports:

  • Linux (all distros)
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Chromebooks
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Azure (Microsoft cloud)
  • Data centers
  • Containers (kube, etc)
  • Linux-based IoT devices

Lighter than air

Fleet is lightweight and modular. You can use it for security without using it for MDM, and vice versa. You can turn off features you are not using.


Fleet is dedicated to flexibility, accessibility, and clarity. We think everyone can contribute and that tools should be as easy as possible for everyone to understand.

Good neighbors

Fleet has no ambition to replace all of your other tools. (Though it might replace some, if you want it to.) Ready-to-use, enterprise-friendly integrations exist for Snowflake, Splunk, GitHub Actions, Vanta, Elastic Jira, Zendesk, and more.

Fleet plays well with Munki, Chef, Puppet, and Ansible, as well as with security tools like Crowdstrike and SentinelOne. For example, you can use the free version of Fleet to quickly report on what hosts are actually running your EDR agent.

While most folks prefer to use one or the other, Fleet can also coexist peacefully with Rapid7 and other agent-based vulnerability scanners. This can be useful during migrations.

Free as in free

The free version of Fleet will always be free. Fleet is independently backed and actively maintained with the help of many amazing contributors.


The company behind Fleet is founded (and majority-owned) by true believers in open source. The company's business model is influenced by GitLab (NYSE: GTLB), with great investors, happy customers, and the capacity to become profitable at any time.

In keeping with Fleet's value of openness, Fleet Device Management's company handbook is public and open source. You can read about the history of Fleet and osquery and our commitment to improving the product.

Is it any good?

Fleet is used in production by IT and security teams with thousands of laptops and servers. Many deployments support tens of thousands of hosts, and a few large organizations manage deployments as large as 400,000+ hosts.


Please join us in MacAdmins Slack or in osquery Slack.

The Fleet community is full of kind and helpful people. Whether or not you are a paying customer, if you need help, just ask.

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The landscape of cybersecurity and IT is too complex. Let's open it up.

Contributions are welcome, whether you answer questions on Slack / GitHub / StackOverflow / LinkedIn / Twitter, improve the documentation or website, write a tutorial, give a talk at a conference or local meetup, give an interview on a podcast, troubleshoot reported issues, or submit a patch. The Fleet code of conduct is on GitHub.

What's next?

To see what Fleet can do, head over to and try it out for yourself, grab time with one of the maintainers to discuss, or visit the docs and roll it out to your organization.

Production deployment

Fleet is simple enough to spin up for yourself. Or you can have us host it for you. Premium features are available either way.


Complete documentation for Fleet can be found at


The free version of Fleet is available under the MIT license. The commercial license is also designed to allow contributions to paid features for users whose employment agreements allow them to contribute to open source projects. (See for details.)

Fleet is built on osquery, nanoMDM, Nudge, and swiftDialog.

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