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Nginx and php-fpm for dockerhub builds

最后发布版本: 3.1.6 ( 2023-06-11 03:54:24)

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This is a Dockerfile/image to build a container for nginx and php-fpm, with the ability to pull website code from git when the container is created, as well as allowing the container to push and pull changes to the code to and from git. The container also has the ability to update templated files with variables passed to docker in order to update your code and settings. There is support for lets encrypt SSL configurations, custom nginx configs, core nginx/PHP variable overrides for running preferences, X-Forwarded-For headers and UID mapping for local volume support.

If you have improvements or suggestions please open an issue or pull request on the GitHub project page.


Docker Tag Git Release Nginx Version PHP Version Alpine Version
latest/docker version Main Branch 1.24-r6 8.2.7 3.18

For other tags please see: versioning

NOTE: From 2.0.5 onwards there are x86 and arm64 builds available


Quick Start

To pull from docker hub:

docker pull richarvey/nginx-php-fpm:latest


To simply run the container:

sudo docker run -d richarvey/nginx-php-fpm

To dynamically pull code from git when starting:

docker run -d -e 'GIT_EMAIL=email_address' -e 'GIT_NAME=full_name' -e 'GIT_USERNAME=git_username' -e '' -e 'GIT_PERSONAL_TOKEN=<long_token_string_here>' richarvey/nginx-php-fpm:latest

You can then browse to http://<DOCKER_HOST> to view the default install files. To find your DOCKER_HOST use the docker inspect to get the IP address (normally

For more detailed examples and explanations please refer to the documentation.



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2023-06-11 03:54:24 3.1.6

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2023-03-02 05:46:23 3.0.2

2023-03-02 05:34:29 3.0.1

2023-03-01 08:20:18 3.0.0


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