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Terraform provider for managing MinIO S3 buckets and IAM Users.

最后发布版本: v2.2.1 ( 2024-05-23 02:38:20)

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Terraform Provider for MinIO

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About this project

A Terraform provider to manage MinIO Cloud Storage.

Made with using Go.

Supported Versions

  • Terraform v1.5
  • Go v1.20

It doesn't mean that this provider won't run on previous versions of Terraform or Go, though. It just means that we can't guarantee backward compatibility.

Building and Installing

Prebuilt versions of this provider are available on the releases page.

But if you need to build it yourself, just download this repository, install Task:

go install

And run the following command to build and install the plugin in the correct folder (resolved automatically based on the current Operating System):

task install


Use examples/ to create some test config, such as:

provider "minio" {
  minio_server   = "localhost:9000"
  minio_region   = "us-east-1"
  minio_user     = "minio"
  minio_password = "minio123"

You may use variables to fill up configurations:

variable "minio_region" {
  description = "Default MINIO region"
  default     = "us-east-1"

variable "minio_server" {
  description = "Default MINIO host and port"
  default     = "localhost:9000"

variable "minio_user" {
  description = "MINIO user"
  default     = "minio"

variable "minio_password" {
  description = "MINIO password"
  default     = "minio123"


For testing locally, run the docker compose to spin up a minio server:

docker-compose up

Access http://localhost:8000 on your browser, apply your terraform templates and watch them going live.


See our examples folder.


See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues). See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


All versions of this provider starting from v2.0.0 are distributed under the AGPL-3.0 License. See LICENSE for more information.


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2024-05-23 02:38:20 v2.2.1

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