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Kanban project management software

最后发布版本: v1.2.36 ( 2024-05-03 11:21:51)

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Kanboard is project management software that focuses on the Kanban methodology.

This application is in maintenance mode. What does it mean?

Citing Wikipedia:

In the world of software development, maintenance mode refers to a point in a computer program's life when it has reached all of its goals and is generally considered to be "complete" and bug-free. The term can also refer to the point in a software product's evolution when it is no longer competitive with other products or current with regard to the technology environment it operates within.

  • The author of this application is not actively developing any new major features (only small fixes)
  • New releases are published regularly depending on the contributions made by the community
  • Pull requests for new features and bug fixes are accepted as long as the guidelines are followed

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2024-05-03 11:21:51 v1.2.36

2024-02-03 12:17:48 v1.2.35

2023-12-14 11:52:48 v1.2.34

2023-10-16 05:28:21 v1.2.33

2023-07-12 11:26:40 v1.2.32

2023-07-04 07:45:03 v1.2.31

2023-06-03 11:46:04 v1.2.30

2023-05-24 10:40:48 v1.2.29

2023-04-09 05:14:13 v1.2.28

2023-03-06 06:44:47 v1.2.27


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