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license: Apache-2.0

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A simple, yet elegant, HTTP library.

最后发布版本: v2.31.0 ( 2023-05-22 23:26:23)

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Requests is a simple, yet elegant, HTTP library.

>>> import requests
>>> r = requests.get('', auth=('user', 'pass'))
>>> r.status_code
>>> r.headers['content-type']
'application/json; charset=utf8'
>>> r.encoding
>>> r.text
'{"authenticated": true, ...'
>>> r.json()
{'authenticated': True, ...}

Requests allows you to send HTTP/1.1 requests extremely easily. There’s no need to manually add query strings to your URLs, or to form-encode your PUT & POST data — but nowadays, just use the json method!

Requests is one of the most downloaded Python packages today, pulling in around 30M downloads / week— according to GitHub, Requests is currently depended upon by 1,000,000+ repositories. You may certainly put your trust in this code.

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Installing Requests and Supported Versions

Requests is available on PyPI:

$ python -m pip install requests

Requests officially supports Python 3.8+.

Supported Features & Best–Practices

Requests is ready for the demands of building robust and reliable HTTP–speaking applications, for the needs of today.

  • Keep-Alive & Connection Pooling
  • International Domains and URLs
  • Sessions with Cookie Persistence
  • Browser-style TLS/SSL Verification
  • Basic & Digest Authentication
  • Familiar dict–like Cookies
  • Automatic Content Decompression and Decoding
  • Multi-part File Uploads
  • SOCKS Proxy Support
  • Connection Timeouts
  • Streaming Downloads
  • Automatic honoring of .netrc
  • Chunked HTTP Requests

API Reference and User Guide available on Read the Docs

Read the Docs

Cloning the repository

When cloning the Requests repository, you may need to add the -c fetch.fsck.badTimezone=ignore flag to avoid an error about a bad commit (see this issue for more background):

git clone -c fetch.fsck.badTimezone=ignore

You can also apply this setting to your global Git config:

git config --global fetch.fsck.badTimezone ignore

Kenneth Reitz Python Software Foundation

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2023-05-22 23:26:23 v2.31.0

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2023-01-13 00:34:32 v2.28.2

2022-06-29 23:15:43 v2.28.1

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