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ArgoProj Helm Charts

最后发布版本: argo-cd-7.1.0 ( 2024-05-31 20:05:08)

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Argo Helm Charts

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Argo Helm is a collection of community maintained charts for projects. The charts can be added using following command:

helm repo add argo


We'd love to have you contribute! Please refer to our contribution guidelines for details.

Custom resource definitions

Some users would prefer to install the CRDs outside of the chart. You can disable the CRD installation of the main four charts (argo-cd, argo-workflows, argo-events, argo-rollouts) by using --set crds.install=false when installing the chart.

Helm cannot upgrade custom resource definitions in the <chart>/crds folder by design. Our CRDs have been moved to <chart>/templates to address this design decision.

If you are using versions of a chart that have the CRDs in the root of the chart or have elected to manage the Argo CRDs outside of the chart, please use kubectl to upgrade CRDs manually from templates/crds folder or via the manifests from the upstream project repo:


kubectl apply -k "<appVersion>"

# Eg. version v2.4.9
kubectl apply -k ""

Security Policy

Please refer to for details on how to report security issues.


Releases are managed independently for each helm chart, and changelogs are tracked on each release. Read more about this process here.

Charts use Helm "Capabilities"

Our charts make use of the Helm built-in object "Capabilities":

This provides information about what capabilities the Kubernetes cluster supports.

Today we use:

  • .Capabilities.APIVersions.Has mostly to determine whether the CRDs for ServiceMonitors (from prometheus-operator) exists inside the cluster
  • .Capabilities.KubeVersion.Version to handle correct apiVersion of a specific resource kind (eg. "policy/v1" vs. "policy/v1beta1")

If you use the charts only to template the manifests, without installing (helm install ..), you need to make sure that Helm (or the Helm SDK) receives the available APIs from your Kubernetes cluster.

For this you need to pass the --api-versions parameter to the helm template command:

helm template argocd \
  oci:// \
  --api-versions \
  --values my-argocd-values.yaml

If you use other tools like Kustomize or helmfile to render it, there are equivalent options.

Example with Kustomize:

# kustomization.yaml
kind: Kustomization

- name: argo-cd
  repo: oci://
  version: x.y.z
  releaseName: argocd
  valuesFile: my-argocd-values.yaml

Example with helmfile:

# helmfile.yaml
  - name: argo


  - name: argocd
    namespace: argocd
    chart: argo/argo-cd
      - my-argocd-values.yaml

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2024-05-31 20:05:08 argo-cd-7.1.0

2024-05-28 13:32:50 argocd-image-updater-0.10.1

2024-05-27 16:09:42 argo-workflows-0.41.7

2024-05-24 11:05:11 argo-events-2.4.5

2024-05-23 23:37:21 argo-cd-6.11.1

2024-05-23 20:37:05 argo-cd-6.11.0

2024-05-23 15:30:12 argo-rollouts-2.35.3

2024-05-22 19:21:15 argo-cd-6.10.2

2024-05-22 15:17:23 argo-cd-6.10.1

2024-05-22 00:36:49 argo-cd-6.10.0


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