版本发布时间: 2023-03-13 13:59:11

comfyanonymous/ComfyUI最新发布版本:latest(2023-03-13 13:59:11)

The builds in this release will always be relatively up to date with the latest code.

-> Download Link with stable pytorch

These builds should be completely standalone. If you extract and run them they should work right away and won't download anything. You might have to install CUDA though.

Other builds

This unstable pytorch build is for people who want to test latest pytorch to see if it gives them a performance boost. Note that this build uses the new pytorch 2.0 cross attention functions instead of xformers which according to pytorch are supposed to be faster than xformers but might not work as well as xformers on some GPUs. Download Link with unstable nightly pytorch

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1、 ComfyUI_windows_portable_nvidia_or_cpu.7z 1.18GB

2、 ComfyUI_windows_portable_nvidia_or_cpu_nightly_pytorch.7z 1.4GB