版本发布时间: 2018-01-30 13:44:37

Gh0u1L5/WechatMagician最新发布版本:2.8.0(2018-03-20 08:37:35)

  1. New Feature: "Hide Useless Chatroom"
  2. New Feature: "Automatically match Wechat applications with modified package name"
  3. Stability: "Improve the battery comsumption of 2.6.2"
  4. Stability: "Get rid of UI hooks, redirect UI requests in a more stable way."
  5. Compatibility: "Fix file permissions for Android 7.X or later."
  6. Compatibility: "Fix the language settings for Android 7.X or later."
  7. Compatibility: "Fix the email support for Android 7.X or later"
  8. Hide keyboard after comsuming a command from SearchBar.
  9. Fix the wrong width of SwitchPreferenceCompat.
  10. Improve the content of support email

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