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mage-ai/mage-ai最新发布版本:0.9.64(2024-02-16 10:43:43)

Data integration

New sources

Improvements on existing sources and destinations

Full lists of available sources and destinations can be found here:

Customize pipeline alerts

Customize alerts to only send when pipeline fails or succeeds (or both) via alert_on config

    - trigger_failure
    - trigger_passed_sla
    - trigger_success

Here are the guides for configuring the alerts

Deploy Mage on AWS using AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

Besides using Terraform scripts to deploy Mage to cloud, Mage now also supports managing AWS cloud resources using AWS Cloud Development Kit in Typescript.

Follow this guide to deploy Mage app to AWS using AWS CDK scripts.

Stitch integration

Mage can orchestrate the sync jobs in Stitch via API integration. Check out the guide to learn about how to trigger the jobs in Stitch and poll statuses of the jobs.

Bug fixes & polish

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