版本发布时间: 2024-06-08 07:39:48

delta-io/delta最新发布版本:v4.0.0-preview-rc2(2024-06-08 07:39:48)

This is a preview of Delta 4.0 Preview. The final release notes are still being generated.

We are excited to announce the preview release of Delta Lake 4.0.0 RC2! Instructions for how to use this release candidate are at the end of these notes. To give feedback on this release candidate, please create issues in our Delta repository.

Delta Spark

Delta Spark 4.0 preview is built on Apache Spark™ 4.0.0-preview1. Similar to Apache Spark, we have released Maven artifacts for Scala 2.13.

The key features of this release are:

More detailed release notes coming soon!

Delta Kernel Java

The Delta Kernel project is a set of Java and Rust libraries for building Delta connectors that can read and write to Delta tables without the need to understand the Delta protocol details). Release notes for this component to come later.

How to use this Release Candidate

Download Spark 4.0.0-preview1 from

For this release candidate, we have published the artifacts to a staging repository. Here’s how you can use them:

Spark Submit

Add --repositories to the command line arguments.

spark-submit --packages \
--repositories examples/

Currently Spark shells (PySpark and Scala) do not accept the external repositories option. However, once the artifacts have been downloaded to the local cache, the shells can be run with Delta 4.0.0rc1 by just providing the --packages argument.

Spark Shell

bin/spark-shell --packages \
--conf \

Spark SQL

bin/spark-sql --packages \
--conf \



SBT Project

libraryDependencies += "" %% "delta-spark" % "4.0.0rc1"
resolvers += "Delta" at

(PySpark) Delta-Spark

Name: delta-spark
Version: 4.0.0rc1
Summary: Python APIs for using Delta Lake with Apache Spark
Author: The Delta Lake Project Authors
License: Apache-2.0
Location: /Users/allison.portis/opt/anaconda3/envs/delta-release-4-0/lib/python3.9/site-packages
Requires: importlib-metadata, pyspark

Note: artifacts delta-flink, delta-iceberg, delta-hudi, delta-hive and delta-standalone are not included in this preview but will be available in a future release

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