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⚠️ Breaking Changes ⚠️

1. Upgrade to stable version 0.2.0 for enhanced search

Step 1: Change the docker-compose.yml database image from 0.1.11 to 0.2.0


    container_name: immich_postgres
-   image: tensorchord/pgvecto-rs:pg14-v0.1.11@sha256:0335a1a22f8c5dd1b697f14f079934f5152eaaa216c09b61e293be285491f8ee 
+   image: tensorchord/pgvecto-rs:pg14-v0.2.0@sha256:90724186f0a3517cf6914295b5ab410db9ce23190a2d9d0b9dd6463e3fa298f0
      - pgdata:/var/lib/postgresql/data
    restart: always


Step 2: Perform docker compose pull

Step 3:

a) If Immich is a Postgres superuser (default)

Bring the stack up with docker compose up

When the server starts up, it will log a message like this:

WARN [DatabaseService] Could not run vector reindexing checks. If the extension was updated, please restart the Postgres instance.


This is normal. Continue to Step 4.

b) If Immich is not a Postgres superuser

If Immich doesn't have superuser permissions, you'll need to bring up the database and run a few commands manually:


ALTER DATABASE immich SET search_path TO "$user", public, vectors;
SET search_path TO "$user", public, vectors;

UPDATE pg_catalog.pg_extension SET extversion = '0.1.11' WHERE extname = 'vectors';
UPDATE pg_catalog.pg_extension SET extrelocatable = true WHERE extname = 'vectors';
UPDATE pg_catalog.pg_extension SET extrelocatable = false WHERE extname = 'vectors';

SELECT pgvectors_upgrade();


Step 4: Terminate and restart the stack

Bring the stack down (or terminate with ctrl + c) with:

docker compose down

Then bring it back up:

docker compose up

You'll run into a message saying:

[DatabaseRepository] Could not reindex index face_index. Attempting to auto-fix.


This is normal. The server will do some magic and start to work.

Step 5: Enjoy the new ✨search enhancements

2. OAuth encryption algorithm setting changes

OAuth setups using HS256 (mainly Authentik) will need to either (1) update the signing algorithm in Immich or (2) specify a signing key in the provider settings (so that it uses RS256 instead).

Specify a signing key in Authentik:

Screencast from 02-02-2024 12:05:04 AM.webm

New Immich OAuth Setting



RS256 is generally better than HS256. RS256 is pretty much the most commonly used algorithm. The client library we use for open-id defaults to RS256. It's very easy to setup Authentik without specifying a signing key, which will default to use HS256. The original implementation added a hack/fallback to HS256 in some conditions to try to handle that situation. The current code removes the fallback, and adds a specific Signing Algortithm setting which can be explicitly set. Alternatively, the issue could be fixed by specifying a signing key in Authentik.



Welcome to version v1.95.0 of Immich. This is one of the longest stretches since the last release of Immich for the past year, we only had 150+ PRs merged since the last release. There are many new improvements and features in this release that we are very excited to introduce to you.

Enhanced search feature

This feature is available on the Web only as of this release

This release adds a highly anticipated feature - advanced search with filters by date, location and more. What's more is that these filters are also compatible with smart search, so you can add text to sort by relevance at the same time.

Results are also no longer capped at 100 - scrolling down will fetch more and more assets.


pgvector compatibility

As part of the upgrade to 0.2, we've also added pgvector support for environments where can't be used. Adding DB_VECTOR_EXTENSION=pgvector to the .env file will use pgvector instead (assuming your Postgres instance has pgvector installed). We'd like to give a special shoutout to the team for adding a compatibility mode that makes it easier for us to support both extensions.

Please note that the extension cannot be changed after a successful startup (i.e., migrations have run). This means you can't switch to pgvector from an existing instance with It must be a new instance or an instance coming from 1.90.2 or older. Additionally, some features may not work quite as well with pgvector.

If you're upgrading from an old version of Immich, the migrations will take some time - don't worry if the server doesn't start up immediately.

Show partner's photos and videos on the map

This feature is available on the Web only as of this release

You can now toggle the option to include partners' assets on the map view.

Gradient placeholder on the mobile app

iOS background backup on WIFI option

You can now toggle this option only to allow background backup while the device is connected to the WIFI network.

External library import path validation

Several users struggle with getting import paths correct with external libraries. This version adds several checks and validations so that the user gets feedback on what went wrong.


CLI release

New CLI version 2.0.8. This version supports running inside Docker without needing Node.js installed, which helps on some platforms. Under the hood, it has been migrated to the new API version, uses vitest instead of jest, and has seen several improvements and bug fixes.

And as always, bugs are fixed, and many other improvements also come with this release.

Please consider supporting the project.


If you find the project helpful, you can support Immich via the following channels.

It is a great way to let me know that you want me to continue developing and working on this project for years to come.

What's Changed

⚠️ Breaking Changes

🗄️ Server

📱 Mobile

🖥️ Web

🧠 Machine Learning


📓 Documentation

🔨 Maintenance

Other changes

New Contributors

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