版本发布时间: 2023-12-07 23:22:40

AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome最新发布版本:v0.107.48(2024-04-05 23:17:32)

As the winter holidays approach, many of us begin to think about what gifts we will give and receive :gift:. With AdGuard, the holidays come early: we decided not to wait too long and present you with this new version of AdGuard Home today!

Among the long-awaited features in this release are the option to enable caching for persistent clients with custom DNS upstream configuration and the option to disable plain DNS for better security.


A special thanks to our open-source contributor, @jefferyto, as well as to everyone who filed and inspected issues, added translations, and helped us test this release!

Full changelog

See also the v0.107.42 GitHub milestone.




Configuration changes


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