版本发布时间: 2023-09-26 07:15:41

vitorpamplona/amethyst最新发布版本:v0.80.7(2023-11-09 04:00:46)

Updated translations for cs/de/sv Updating dependencies Forces the presence of the name field in kind 1 Disable swipe to change page in the hope page Performance Improvements to PreviewCards Avoids creating nip94 and nip95 events with blank alts Adds NIP19 parser to the AccountViewModel thread scope fix contact link in relay information dialog add notifications for users of amber moves mark as read to the AccountViewModel scope. Fix for not clearing the new post message. It adds a delay to allow the composer to save the viewModel after calling cancel Improving the Stability of VideoView only updates reports for a different note Increasing video cache from 90 to 150MB

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1、 amethyst-fdroid-arm64-v8a-v0.78.1.apk 11.07MB

2、 amethyst-fdroid-armeabi-v7a-v0.78.1.apk 11.02MB

3、 amethyst-fdroid-universal-v0.78.1.apk 16.9MB

4、 amethyst-fdroid-v0.78.1.aab 21.12MB

5、 amethyst-fdroid-x86-v0.78.1.apk 11.17MB

6、 amethyst-fdroid-x86_64-v0.78.1.apk 11.19MB

7、 amethyst-googleplay-arm64-v8a-v0.78.1.apk 26.76MB

8、 amethyst-googleplay-armeabi-v7a-v0.78.1.apk 22.41MB

9、 amethyst-googleplay-universal-v0.78.1.apk 76.73MB

10、 amethyst-googleplay-v0.78.1.aab 48.18MB

11、 amethyst-googleplay-x86-v0.78.1.apk 28.78MB

12、 amethyst-googleplay-x86_64-v0.78.1.apk 28.72MB