版本发布时间: 2023-04-25 17:46:06

open-mmlab/mmagic最新发布版本:v1.2.0(2023-12-18 21:52:42)

We are excited to announce the release of MMagic v1.0.0 that inherits from MMEditing and MMGeneration.


Since its inception, MMEditing has been the preferred algorithm library for many super-resolution, editing, and generation tasks, helping research teams win more than 10 top international competitions and supporting over 100 GitHub ecosystem projects. After iterative updates with OpenMMLab 2.0 framework and merged with MMGeneration, MMEditing has become a powerful tool that supports low-level algorithms based on both GAN and CNN.

Today, MMEditing embraces Generative AI and transforms into a more advanced and comprehensive AIGC toolkit: MMagic (Multimodal Advanced, Generative, and Intelligent Creation).

In MMagic, we have supported 53+ models in multiple tasks such as fine-tuning for stable diffusion, text-to-image, image and video restoration, super-resolution, editing and generation. With excellent training and experiment management support from MMEngine, MMagic will provide more agile and flexible experimental support for researchers and AIGC enthusiasts, and help you on your AIGC exploration journey. With MMagic, experience more magic in generation! Let's open a new era beyond editing together. More than Editing, Unlock the Magic!


1. New Models

We support 11 new models in 4 new tasks.

2. Magic Diffusion Model

For the Diffusion Model, we provide the following "magic" :

3. Upgraded Framework

To improve your "spellcasting" efficiency, we have made the following adjustments to the "magic circuit":

New Features & Improvements

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