版本发布时间: 2023-01-20 05:22:00

nuxt/nuxt最新发布版本:v3.8.2(2023-11-21 06:34:46)

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👉 Release discussion

⭐ What is New?

🔰 Security Fixes

This release contains multiple security related fixes #8675, #8674 and #8673 reported via platform by OhB00.

We recommend you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

If you encounter "The request URL ... is outside of Vite service allow list" issue, try adding path to vite.server.fs.allow in nuxt.config. read more.

🚀 Performance Improvements

Using a new method to extract definePageMeta improves vite performance and makes lazy compilation of pages possible (#8536).

💯 Strict Config Schema and Types

We have cleaned up the configuration schema (#8487) so that you no longer would be confused with Nuxt 2 options and also can quickly notice any typos in nuxt.config file.

Typescript strict mode is also enabled by default with this release as best practice. (#8667)

🚇 Nitro Development Server Proxy

Using nitro.devProxy option you can now configure proxies for the development server. (learn more)


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