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nuxt/nuxt最新发布版本:v3.3.1(2023-03-14 21:31:23)

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Note Make sure to recreate the lock file in the project in case of any issues after the upgrade.

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Full Static Enhancements

We have introduced Full-Static mode payload extraction in RC.10. Many of the issues from the initial implementation are resolved with this release thanks to your amazing feedback! Notably for SPA routes and state that is now in the initial state.

🧪 We understand that there might be still issues with the new implementation. Please report if spotted any. You can use new experimental.payloadExtraction: false flag in nuxt.config to opt-out as well.

IPv6 and HTTPS support for nuxi dev and vite

Nuxi CLI and unjs/listhen are improved and now support --https flag and ipv6 hosts out of the box with an auto-generated certificate. You can use --ssl-cert and --ssl-key to provide own generated SSL certificates with mkcert for example as well.

Issues with vite HMR and vite-node should be resolved as well. If you were previously using NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED or custom vite.server.hmr options for a workaround, you can try to remove them.

Note: If you see something like http://[::]:3000/ when running nuxi preview, it is all normal! The New IPv6 URL works in all modern browsers and is also backward compatible with IPv4 interfaces. If for some reason encountered any issues, try setting HOST to to disable IPv6 listener.

Nitro Improvements

Nitro is the server engine for Nuxt 3. We had landed several fixes in 0.5.2 and 0.5.3 versions improving stability and bug fixes.

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